Jio vs Airtel vs Vodafone vs Idea Latest Offers: Best Internet 4G Plan in India

Jio vs Airtel vs Vodafone vs Idea Latest Offers: Best Internet 4G Plan in India

We all Thanks to Reliance Jio for the Internet Connection because of whom the Internet Price is the Cheapest in Any World. Yes, you heard it right the 4G Internet Connection is Cheapest is the India in Whole World. Recently, the Vodafone CEO started about the Reliance Jio being the reason for the Cheapest Internet present in India.

After Reliance Jio arrival in the telecommunication market in India because it has gone cheaper with cheapest internet data brands available only in India just because of Reliance Jio. Reliance Jio plans start from 99 which is available for 28 days and provide unlimited calling and 1GB of unlimited data.

Although it’s been a 2 year and Jio service has increased very drastically this also bring Reliance Jio making egg India’s top telecommunication brand but the connectivity issues has been increased in this year. all of us want to have a better connection as well as cheap price so here is the best data plans for voice and Internet which will be helpful for you if you want to switch between any networks.

Best Data Plans for Indian Users

Best and cheapest plan for Jio customers starts at Rs. 399 which is a excellent plan which provide 1GB of daily data with unlimited data and unlimited voice calling for 84 days you get unlimited voice call and 1GB unlimited data. after ji 1GB daily limit data is over you get approx speed of 1 48 kbps.

Airtel customers the best data packs start with Rs. 239. where you will get 1 GB 4 GB data per day for 84 days it does not include the unlimited calling with Jio provides or the unlimited 1GB data with Jio provides you have the daily limit if you cross the daily limit the voice call and the data plan will not apply.

Idea plan for Rs. 347 where you will get 28 GB data for 28 days even 3G connection as of now 4G connection in Idea is limited. it does not provide the unlimited calling all the you can get the minutes after which you will be charged for any Calls.

Now coming towards the last telecommunication provider which is Vodafone its starts from Rs. 244 plan which is good enough which provide 1GB daily data for 70 days and unlimited calling is also included in this pack.

if you combine all our plan you will clearly see Jio is a still the winner which provide the better data plans in cheaper rates.


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