How to Increase Battery life in MIUI devices.

How to increase the Battery Life of the MIUI devices.

MIUI which is highly customisable and custom skin over Android from Xiaomi. MIUI is customisable and with a lot of features which no other smartphone user provide although this can lead to a problem of Decrement of Battery life. MIUI being a heavy skin over Android it consumes a lot of battery of your device and you wanna control the power consumption and increase the battery life of your smartphone.

Many of you wanna know, How you can Increase the Battery Life on your Smartphone? Let me just Clear One thing, battery life depends on your usage and the MIUI Version you are using. Most of the MIUI version have Great battery Life, While some MIUI Version has the worst Battery Life. FOr the Best Battery Life, you can use Any MIUI 9 Version which Provides the Great Battery Life. This doesn’t mean that MIUI 10 has bad Battery Life. So here I present you some of the tricks and tips which can help you to Increase the Battery Life.

  • You can enable dark mode to save your battery.
  • You should clean the background application in order to save your battery.
  • You should not log any app in the background it consumes more battery.
  • You can uninstall the unwanted application which is not more and uses.
  • You can keep the brightness to the minimum in order to increase your battery life.
  • You should turn off GPS when not in use.
  • You should turn off the Wi-Fi or mobile data if not in Use, not in use it increases the mobile battery life.
  • If you have turned on GPS Wi-Fi or mobile data it will consume a lot of your mobile battery so it is recommended to turn them off whenever not in use.
  • You Can check in settings if any app is recommended for background use if yes then restrict them from working in the background.

I Hope all above Steps will help you in Increasing the Battery Life of your Smartphone. If you have any Problem or Suggestion for us. You can Write them down Below.


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