Oppo Launched New Phone with Lossless 10x Optical Zoom


Oppo at mobile world Congress this year has come up with the bang presenting the lossless10x optical zoom. oppo took the stage it oppo innovation event 2019 in Barcelona to preview it’s newest camera technology. MWC 2019 event and Barcelona on Saturday oppo unveiled its 10x lossless zoom technology.

Oppo announced that the production is ready and the smartphone will release in q2 2019. which Chinese smartphone manufacturer also detailed how tennis lossless zoom technology work with triple camera setup featuring primary camera ultra-wide camera and telephoto lens at a feature of Periscope style and setup.

Oppo Camera technology compromise of 3 cameras and Periscope setup first we have a 48 megapixel Sony I am X 586 sensor as a primary sensor. Then 120 degrees super wide angle lens that has 35 mm equal rights of 16 mm. and a telephoto lens with a focal length of 160 mm also featuring optical image stabilization.

The key component in oppo system is a Periscope set up inside the phone lights come and through one lens get reflected by mirror and to an array of additional lens then arrives at the origin server shit perpendicular to the body of the phone that’s responsible for the telephoto lens and oppo error which has 355 mm equivalent of 160mm forming the 10x zoom part of the setup by switching between these three camera oppo provide for 4:10 range of lossless room with variable focal length from 16 mm to 16 mm.

Oppo show off prototype device that come with Qualcomm Snapdragon 855SOC and full HD plus display 8GB of Ram and 256 GB of internal storage as per the battery capacity goes was 4065 m a h and it does not feature and headphone jack or a visible fingerprint scanner its most likely it will be house then in display fingerprint scanner. we need to wait until q2 2019 gets our hand on the device.


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