WhatsApp Can Ban your Account if you DO THIS!

whatsapp account ban

WhatsApp can Ban you if you Don’t Follow the Necessary Steps. Whatsapp has banned More than 1Lakh accounts in Previous Year. The WhatsApp the Top Messaging App in World. Can Permanently Ban you WhatsApp Account if you Don’t Follow this Rules.

WhatApp can Ban you if you do this, then also WhatsApp can Ban you Account Permanently. Yes, you read it Right WhatsApp is Banning the WhatsApp Accounts Permanently, if you are doing these thing then you may get the Permanent WhatsApp Account Ban.

whatsapp account ban

WhatsApp can ban your account without any prior notice or reports more than 75% of the accounts verb and without any prior notice. if your WhatsApp account is when you can also reactivate banned WhatsApp account.

Don’t do this on WhatsApp

  • if you install the third party WhatsApp application like WhatsApp plus GB WhatsApp your account may be banned by WhatsApp.according to WhatsApp developer they do not support or authorised the use of third-party WhatsApp application like WhatsApp plus or GB WhatsApp and this type of app can harm your device.
  • if you try to hack WhatsApp server or try to spy on someone’s account it can also be a reason to your ban.
  • if you forward a message with promoting violent crime politics can also the reason for your WhatsApp account ban.
  • WhatsApp will ban you if many people report against you are you are blocked by too many contacts.
  • Sharing virus malware to other users from WhatsApp number can also cause your account ban.
  • if you send too many messages to the user which are not in your contact list that can also cause WhatsApp account ban.
  • if you try to modify the core app code of WhatsApp it can also promote you to the permanent ban.
  • if you share the fake website on trusted website links many times a day and user reports against you then it can also cause WhatsApp account ban.
  • if you forward illegal or threatening media messages can cause account ban.


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